Never Walked Away

I used to run with a pretty wild crowd, back in the day. Booze, drugs, fast cars, motorcycles, and all of that sort of thing. Somewhere along the way, by the grace of God, I got off that road. Not a lot of people from the old crew did, though. I wrote this one day while I was thinking about the various friends I’ve known along the way who died young from living the fast life, and feeling rather humbled to realize just how close I came to being one of them on a shocking number of occasions.

Another interesting piece of back-story on this song, is that this is the first song I ever had released on a disk, which is as a track on the Spokane Songwriters Organization Compilation CD. The Spokane Songwriters Organization is a Spokane WA based group that works to further songwriting and support songwriters in the area. They’re very inclusive; they even let us redneck Idaho hillbillies join.

This is another one of those blues shuffle-time numbers I’m so fond of. There’s just something about that kind of groove that makes me smile.

Click the link below to listen to the MP3 (Right Click + Save As to snag a copy).
Never Walked Away


Never Walked Away, by Jack Lambert

I could never tell you all
Of the places I have been
But you know I really
Don’t remember when

I know years came and went
Buried in the mists
Of tequila shadows
And I’ll tell you this

   The road that I once traveled
   Is not one I’d recommend
   There’s no place worth going
   That far around the bend

   And it’s by the grace of God
   I’m standing here today
   Most folks I’ve known who walked that road
   They never walked away

Whiskey is a madness
That runs you out of time
Steals away your younger days
And leaves you blind

I can’t see anymore
Through the eyes of darker days
Every night I thank the LORD
That I been saved


 [Guitar Solo]


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