“I’ve seen a lot of places / And been a lot of things”… Thus begins the lyrics to one of Adam’s autobiographical songs. From an early life as a pacifist vegetarian hippie in the deep south, through a transformational international journey to more recent years as a profoundly carnivorous hunting/fishing redneck of the pacific northwest backwoods, his life has been a rich tapestry of diverse experiences and adventures. He has had careers in an eclectic mix of professions including: bar tending, audio/video production, construction, computer programming, network engineering, information security consulting, and firearm sales.

Through it all, he has rarely been without a guitar or three, and every now and then inspiration will cause him to produce a song or two. The musical style is haphazardly Americana, ranging from country and blues to Texas boogie and rock, populated by conversational lyrics full of deep thoughts and interesting turns of phrase. Though he has some reasonable skill as a vocalist and guitar player, he considers himself a songwriter first, and a performing musician a very distant second.

He has recently decided to crawl out from under his rock and share his songs with people outside of close friends and family, and see where it goes from there. God willing, he hopes to someday add ‘songwriter’ to that list of things he’s been paid to be along the way. These pages are where he will be posting songs/lyrics/etc.